Miguel Fleta

Miguel Fleta, Gloria y Pasión

Prod. Opera 2001

A production by OPERA 2001 with Original Script by Patrick Chiuzzi.

Tribute to the universal Aragonese tenor MIGUEL FLETA


A production by  OPERA 2001

Original Script and show creation:
Patrick Chiuzzi

Artistic Direction:
Luis Miguel Lainz

Production Assistant:
Fernando Vallejo

Set Design:
Alfredo Troisi / Scenart

Choreography and Dance:
Miguel Ángel Berna

Miguel Ángel Tapia

Musical Assitant:
Alberto Artigas


Miguel Fleta                                                                               
Nacho del Río ( jotas singer)
David Baños (lyric tenor)

Luisa Pierrick        
Melanie Moussay (lyric soprano)

* This cast is provisional and may be subject to changes


Play's presentation

Show in tribute to the universal Aragonese tenor, MIGUEL FLETA, which reflects the history and incredible work of this great singer who became the best tenor in the world.


MIGUEL FLETA, Glory and Passion, will be a show that reflects in just over an hour and a half, the history and incredible work of this great singer who became the best tenor in the world.

With the participation of the main Aragonese artists related to the two great facets of the distinguished tenor:  lyric and  jotas:
- The famous singer and perhaps the undisputed king of the jota, NACHO DEL RIO, who will play the role of tenor  as a jota singer.

- In the lyrical part we will have the great Zaragoza tenor EDUARDO ALADREN who gives life to Miguel Fleta in his city of origin.

- The dancer MIGUEL ÁNGEL BERNA will perform the choreographies that illustrate the entire musical side with his personal participation as a dancer

- The beautiful French soprano, MELANIE MOUSSAY, who will play Luisa Pierrick, sentimental partner and teacher of the great Fleta.

- In the musical side, the pianist MIGUEL ÁNGEL TAPIA and the musician and student of the jota ALBERTO ARTIGAS. Two personalities of music in Aragon who knew the world of Fleta in the opera and in the Jota.


  • Miguel Fleta
  • Miguel Fleta